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'Hipster' says he wants to execute women who have abortions

'Hipster' says he wants to execute women who have abortions

Metro - February 27, 2017

Based in Temple, the ministry is run by the Apologia Church, a pro-life group campaigning to overturn Roe v Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling ...


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Why Louis C.K.'s Abortion Jokes Fall Flat
Vogue.com, GB - April 4, 2017

That general lack of news engagement makes it all the more jarring to consider C.K.âs opening gambit: a meandering exploration of the abortion debate. Itâs a deliberately reductive take on the issue, an illustration of why thereâs basically no way for two such ...


Abortion in Ireland: The fight for choice
BBC News, GB - March 8, 2017

Ireland has a near-total ban on abortion, pushing thousands of women every year to travel abroad for a termination and others to break the law by taking abortion pills. On International Women's Day on Wednesday, women across Ireland will protest for a chan


India abortion: Police find 19 female foetuses
BBC News, GB - March 6, 2017

The police told the BBC that they found the foetuses while they were investigating the death of a woman who had undergone an illegal abortion.Activists say the incident proves yet again that female foeticide is rampant in India despite awareness campaigns.The police ...


Guatemala expels abortion boat crew
BBC News, GB - February 25, 2017

The Guatemalan authorities say they are expelling members of a non-profit "abortion boat" docked on its shores.Officials said they had lied when they applied for tourist visas and would not be allowed to work in Guatemala. The Dutch group, Women on Waves


Arkansas bans second trimester abortion procedure
The Herald, GB - February 9, 2017

A legislative committee voted to ban the dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion procedure last month. The proposal, which has since been signed into law by Gov. Asa Hutchinson, makes Arkansas the third state to ban the procedure. The law only allows D&E ...


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