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Group puts abortion ruling at center of judicial election

Group puts abortion ruling at center of judicial election

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - November 4, 2016

Alaska Family Action President Jim Minnery said people shouldn't support the justices because they voted to strike down a law requiring parental notification ...


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Behind the sign: Views on abortion interpreted differently
UAA Northern Light, Alaska - November 13, 2016

âPray to end abortionâ signs can be seen being waved by protesters outside of Planned Parenthood on Lake Otis to or from campus. Abortion is a tough subject and many have different views on the matter: one by the individuals protesting the health


Judge blocks new law restricting state abortion payments
Anchorage Daily News, Alaska - July 18, 2014

A new Alaska law restricting state payments for abortions sought by women who receive Medicaid assistance was put on hold this week, one day before it was set to take effect.Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest challenged the law, as well as a simil


3 of 5 Ala. abortion clinics open under new law
Anchorage Daily News, Alaska - June 30, 2014

Alabama will have half the abortion clinics it did two years ago, with three still planning to operate when a new law state kicks in Tuesday that sets stricter building standards for clinics.In 2012, Alabama had six clinics licensed by the state Department of Public ...


Bill defining 'medically necessary' abortion clears Alaska House
Anchorage Daily News, Alaska - April 14, 2014

A measure that aims to restrict state funding for abortions sought by poor and low-income women cleared the Alaska House on Sunday night on a 23-17 vote without a provision that some said could prevent abortions by ensuring access to birth control.


Alaska governor narrows Medicaid abortion reimbursement criteria
Alaska Dispatch, Alaska - January 8, 2014

The Parnell administration has issued regulations restricting what constitutes a medically necessary abortion qualifying for Medicaid reimbursement â- and critics of the effort blasted the governor on Tuesday. Under the regs, a certificate to be filled out ...


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