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Controversial abortion, discrimination bills easily pass the House
Montgomery Advertiser

Controversial abortion, discrimination bills easily pass the House

Montgomery Advertiser - March 16, 2017

The Alabama House of Representatives passed four bills Thursday, two of which opponents say would allow discrimination against the LGBTQ community or non-Christians ...


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Alabama Senate to consider constitutional ban on abortion
al.com, Alabama - April 19, 2017

The Alabama Senate plans to vote Thursday on a proposal to put a ban on abortion in the state constitution.The Senate will debate the proposed constitutional amendment by Rep. Matt Fridy, R-Montevallo.If at least 21 of the 35 senators vote for it, it would go to ...


Bill to put abortion ban in Alabama Constitution advances
al.com, Alabama - April 12, 2017

A proposal to place the right to life of the unborn in the Alabama Constitution is a step away from going to voters for approval.The Senate Health Committee approved the proposed constitutional amendment on an 8-2 vote. It moves to the Senate.If approved by at ...


Dr. Willie Parker's Christian rationale for abortion is flawed
al.com, Alabama - March 24, 2017

By Colin LeCroy, a Birmingham native and graduate of The Altamont School. He is now an attorney at Human Coalition, an anti-abortion advocacy organizationWith a purple bow tie, pocket square, neatly-trimmed grey beard, and clean-shaven head, the pictu


Christian abortion doctor from Alabama makes 'A Moral Argument for Choice'
al.com, Alabama - March 22, 2017

Over time, his Christian faith and his approach to medicine changed until both led him down the path to becoming one of just a few abortion doctors in the South.Parker has returned to his hometown, and on April 4, releases his first book, Life's Work: A Moral Argument ...


Judge blocks law banning abortion clinics within 2,000 feet of ...
al.com, Alabama - October 28, 2016

U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson is hearing a challenge to the laws brought by the ACLU of Alabama. Today's ruling blocks the implementatio


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