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Oklahoma judge again overturns medical abortion restriction
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Oklahoma judge again overturns medical abortion restriction

Los Angeles Times - October 8, 2017

An Oklahoma judge has again overturned a state law restricting womenâs access to drug-induced abortions, according to attorneys for the state and for ...


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The GOP is craven and the Democrats are extremist on an abortion restriction most Americans favor
Los Angeles Times, California - October 9, 2017

Large majorities of Americans believe first-trimester abortions should be legal. But once pregnancy moves into the second trimester â that is, at 12 to 24 weeks â only 27% of Americans have a pro-choice position. These Gallup poll results mirror policy in most ...


Letters: Louisiana right to be cautious on abortion
The Advocate, California - September 14, 2017

The authors attacked Louisiana law regarding consent for abortion. They say that in Louisiana "state law requires physicians to give women seeking abortion inaccurate information about the development of embryos and misleading statements about the heal


South Carolina becomes the latest state pushing to restrict abortions by cutting funding
Los Angeles Times, California - August 27, 2017

In the latest move by states to curtail abortions, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has signed an executive order to stop giving state money to any doctor or group affiliated with providing abortions.The move is part of a growing trend. More than four decades ...


Abortion-pill reversal: The next frontier of informed-consent laws?
The Tidings, California - August 15, 2017

Indianapolis, Ind., Aug 15, 2017 / 06:04 am (National Catholic Register).- Medication abortions are on their way to becoming the dominant method of abortion in the U.S. But lawmakers are starting to look at whether to change their stateâs informed-consent laws ...


Texas set to restrict insurance coverage for abortion
Sacramento Bee, California - August 12, 2017

The Republican-controlled Texas Legislature is poised to restrict insurance coverage for abortions over the objections of opponents who say doing so could force some women to make heart-wrenching choices because no exceptions will be made in cases of rape


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