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Texas Will Now Require Women to Bury or Cremate Abortion Remains
Patheos (blog)

Texas Will Now Require Women to Bury or Cremate Abortion Remains

Patheos (blog) - June 10, 2017

The new law comes less than a year after the Supreme Court ruled that Texas cannot enact abortion restrictions that place an “undue burden” on women ...


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McWilliams: Abortion should be safe, not illegal
Rocky Mountain Collegian, Colorado - September 20, 2017

EMW Women's Surgical Center in Louisville, Kentucky is the last abortion clinic standing in the state. Currently, it is fighting to keep its license because it does not follow the new abortion rules set by the state. It is important that the clinic


Bishop Tobin: Ending DACA shatters lives. So does abortion.
Catholic News Agency, Colorado - September 6, 2017

Many Americans are justifiably outraged at the lives that will be shattered by the cancellation of DACA – but that same sentiment should extend to the unborn lives cut short by abortion, said Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence, R.I.In a Sept. 5 Facebook post ...


Judge temporarily blocks Texas' 'dismemberment abortion' ban
Catholic News Agency, Colorado - September 6, 2017

A federal judge on Thursday temporarily blocked part of a Texas law that bans dilation-and-evacuation abortions in the second trimester.“While some pro-lifers may be tempted to despair at today’s ruling, this is the first step in a longer and consequential ...


Funding for abortion to become more compulsory in Oregon
Catholic News Agency, Colorado - July 12, 2017

Salem, Ore., Jul 12, 2017 / 12:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Oregon governor is expected to sign into law a proposal requiring Oregon insurers to cover abortion on demand and increasing taxpayer funding for abortion, drawing strong criticism from Cath


Jail for Driving Someone to an Abortion?
Patheos (blog), Colorado - July 2, 2017

SB 8, which awaits final approval from the Senate, would criminalize “partial birth abortions” and “dismemberment abortions” — both nonmedical terms used by anti-abortion advocates. The first is for a procedure already prohibited under federal law, and ...


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