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Texas Will Now Require Women to Bury or Cremate Abortion Remains
Patheos (blog)

Texas Will Now Require Women to Bury or Cremate Abortion Remains

Patheos (blog) - June 10, 2017

The new law comes less than a year after the Supreme Court ruled that Texas cannot enact abortion restrictions that place an “undue burden” on women ...


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Abortion: the Most Important Moral Issue Ever….Except for When it's Not
Patheos (blog), Colorado - May 25, 2017

Adherents to the Seamless Garment or Consistent Life Ethic approach, as well as whole-life and New Pro Life advocates, are regularly criticized because we try to address abortion within the broader context of other injustices. In so doing, we are told, we place ...


Sydney archbishop applauds rejection of abortion bill
Catholic News Agency, Colorado - May 14, 2017

Catholics in the Australian state of New South Wales applauded the rejection of bills in the upper house of the parliament that would have legalized abortion.Archbishop Anthony Fisher, O.P. of Sydney called the defeat of “extreme” bills legalizing abortion ...


Chris King: Using desperate fantasies to justify abortion
Aspen Times, Colorado - February 8, 2017

Jane St. Croix Ireland's recent column, âA larger view of this life,â(The Aspen Times, Feb. 1) restates the same tired pro-abortionism I have heard all my life. Her attempt shows yet again that no one can defend abortion morally and rationally


Answering Pro-Abortion “Um, Actually” Memes
Patheos (blog), Colorado - February 1, 2017

I frequently see pictures like this floating around Facebook and Twitter. They’re part of what I like to call the “um, actually” genre of Internet debate which depends primarily on a single, often pretentious rebuttal to an admittedly unsophisticated meme ...


Former UCCS student faces trial on charges of violently inducing abortion
Colorado Springs Gazette, Colorado - December 21, 2016

A judge on Tuesday ordered a Saudi Arabian university student to surrender his passport after ruling that he will face trial on charges of using a shishkebab skewer and a corkscrew to induce an abortion in a then-girlfriend.Fourth Judicial District Judge Deborah ...


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