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GOP bill would prohibit tax-free 'abortion bonds'
Washington Examiner

GOP bill would prohibit tax-free 'abortion bonds'

Washington Examiner - October 26, 2017

Dozens of House Republicans have introduced legislation that would prohibit the use of tax-exempt bonds to finance the building of abortion clinics.Rep. ...


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Judge allows self-abortion case against woman to proceed
Seattle Times, District of Columbia - October 28, 2017

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (AP) â A Virginia judge has cleared the way for the prosecution of a woman charged with self-aborting her late-term fetus. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Friday that a Chesterfield Circuit Court judge has denied a motion to ...


Canada swiftly passes bill to protect abortion seekers, eager to set itself apart from the US
ThinkProgress, District of Columbia - October 26, 2017

A province in Canada voted Wednesday to create abortion clinic “safe zones”, protecting individuals seeking abortions from potential harassment by anti-choice protesters.The legislation would create 50-meter bubbles outside abortion clinics and prohibit protesters ...


The Trump administration is holding a teenager hostage over abortion
Washington Post, District of Columbia - October 24, 2017

She is also pregnant â 15 weeks and counting â and wants an abortion. In fact, she's been seeking one for nearly a month. J.D., short for Jane Doe, isn't asking the federal government to pay for an abortion; she just wants the government not to stand


The Trump administration just made its most Orwellian attack on abortion
ThinkProgress, District of Columbia - October 20, 2017

The United States government is holding a woman prisoner to keep her from obtaining an abortion.Let that fact sink in for a moment. The core issue at the heart of Garza v. Hargan is whether the coercive power of the state can be used to hold someone pr


Democrats are the real abortion extremists - The Washington Post
Washington Post, District of Columbia - October 18, 2017

They call themselves the âParty of Science,â so they should want an answer to the pain question.


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