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State: Abortion clinic will stop surgeries, stay open
The News Journal

State: Abortion clinic will stop surgeries, stay open

The News Journal - September 15, 2015

A Wilmington clinic will stop doing surgical abortions, ending a state quest for it to seek national accreditation or close, Delaware health officials ...


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Letter: Reckoning coming for abortion supporters
The News Journal, Delaware - July 27, 2014

What a great use of space to publish that heart-rendering, awe-inspiring recent account of Ms. Clark-Moe's unfortunate pregnancy and her efforts to achieve an abortion at great personal stress and cost to herself. "Time to separate healthcare coverage and work? ...


Who deserves the right to decide on abortion?
The News Journal, Delaware - February 16, 2014

Why do the abortion wars rage on 40 years after Roe v. Wade? Why didn't the Supreme Court's decision resolve this issue?To answer these questions, let's identify the core issue in Roe and try to resolve it ourselves. Doing so will help us appreciate why the abortion ...


Abortion doctor hit with $1500 fine, reprimand
The News Journal, Delaware - January 8, 2014

DOVER â A former Planned Parenthood doctor will pay a $1,500 fine and receive a letter of reprimand from the state to resolve problems that emerged from his work at the abortion provider's Wilmington clinic last year. The state Board of Medical


Abortion doctor under scrutiny defends methods
The News Journal, Delaware - June 2, 2013

Nightmare care, assembly line abortions at Wilming...: Two former nurses at Planned Parenthood of Delaware told a packed Senate hearing room today the Wilmington clinic performed âmeat-market style assembly lineâ abortions and put patients at risk by


Teen worker at Pa. abortion clinic testifies
The News Journal, Delaware - April 11, 2013

PHILADELPHIA â A trial witness who worked at a Philadelphia abortion clinic at age 15 says she saw at least one baby's chest move after the procedure. Ashley Baldwin testified today at the capital murder trial of abortion provider Kermit Gosnell.


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