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Kentucky GOP files new abortion ban: The only 'choice' women have is 'to conceive or not conceive'
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Kentucky GOP files new abortion ban: The only 'choice' women have is 'to conceive or not conceive'

Raw Story - January 4, 2017

For the first time in 95 years, Republicans took total control over the Kentucky state government this week and immediately moved to strip rights from ...


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Radio Boston: 'Life's Work,' Doctor's Christian Argument For Abortion Rights
WBUR, Massachusetts - September 18, 2017

Dr. Willie Parker is an itinerant physician who performs abortions in the South, in states where clinics are few and far-between. In his new book, "Life's Work: A Moral Argument For Choice," he makes a Christianity-based argument for abortion access, and talks ...


Right to state-funded abortion faces new challenges
The Boston Globe, Massachusetts - July 28, 2017

Michael New undercuts his argument with the figures he cites in his July 24 letter “Consider how much taxpayers are spending toward abortion.” While $1.4 million would be noticeable in, say, a town’s annual budget, across the Commonwealth it comes to under ...


Battle brews over Mass. funding of abortion
The Boston Globe, Massachusetts - July 24, 2017

A substantial body of economics and public health research shows that when states stop funding abortion with taxpayer dollars, abortion rates decrease. In fact, cutting of taxpayer funding for abortion is the most effective legislative strategy for reducing abortion ...


A dozen new abortion restrictions
The Boston Globe, Massachusetts - July 16, 2017

The effort to amend the Massachusetts Constitution as a first step toward banning state funding of abortions is among a variety of recent attempts across the country to regulate and restrict abortion. Here’s a look at some measures approved this year


Abortion foes pledge bid to overturn SJC ruling
Lowell Sun, Massachusetts - July 1, 2017

BOSTON -- A Beacon Hill lawmaker and his allies launched a ballot initiative campaign Thursday, offering a proposal that would shift decisions around taxpayer funding for abortions away from the state constitution and into the hands of the Legislature.Rep. Jim ...


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