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Abortion-rights activist found in contempt over videos
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Abortion-rights activist found in contempt over videos

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle - July 17, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal judge found an anti-abortion activist known for clandestine videos of abortion-rights advocates in contempt on Monday ...


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In blocking abortion legislation, Democrats will display their cultural extremism
Helena Independent Record, Montana - October 22, 2017

WASHINGTON -- What would America's abortion policy be if the number of months in the gestation of a human infant were a prime number -- say, seven or eleven? This thought experiment is germane to why the abortion issue has been politically toxic, and poin


Abortion Clinic Staffer: Teen Had 3 Abortions and Her Parents Never Knew
LifeNews.com, Montana - April 10, 2017

(LiveActionNews) â Brenda Pratt-Shaffer spent three days working at a late-term abortion facility before she became so troubled by what she saw that she quit. She recently wrote a book about her experiences called What the Nurse Saw: Eyewitness to ...


Activist Given 500K in Taxpayer Funds to Write Book Celebrating Legalizing Abortion
LifeNews.com, Montana - April 10, 2017

Prof Sheldon has been campaigning for abortion on demand for more than 20 years, has backed the termination of pregnancy on the grounds of the sex of the baby, and is a key figure in the ‘We Trust Women’ campaign by BPAS to decriminalise abort


Anti-abortion lawmaker wants voters to define 'person'
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Montana - March 29, 2017

The proposed referendum before the House Judiciary Committee is one of three anti-abortion bills being considered during the current session by the Montana Legislature. On Friday, the state Senate along party lines endorsed a proposal seeking to extend prot


Lawmakers hear bills on infrastructure, abortion
Great Falls Tribune, Montana - March 19, 2017

HELENA â As Republicans and Democrats grapple with how to fund statewide infrastructure projects at the Legislature, one bill in the House aims to put that decision in the hands of local voters. House Bill 577, introduced by Rep. Dave Fern, D


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