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LISTEN: Roe v. Wade was about far more than abortion

LISTEN: Roe v. Wade was about far more than abortion

Salon - July 29, 2017

Wade was about far more than just abortion. To reach such a landmark decision, the Supreme Court had to peel back the philosophical, political and medical ...


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Democrats will fund anti-abortion candidates, for now — but this fight's not over
Salon, New Hampshire - August 3, 2017

In their bid to take back the U.S. House of Representatives next year, Democrats are committed to supporting and funding the campaigns of congressional candidates who oppose abortion rights, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Com


Palmetto Family Launches Graphic Anti-Abortion Spot
FITSNews, New Hampshire - March 27, 2017

You're no biblical scholar but you may want to read the "good book" relative to when life begins with the first breath and bone up on Numbers where it describes the ingredients for an effective liquid to induce abortions administered by priests. Why


House conservatives' demand for further abortion restrictions could blow up Trumpcare in the Senate
Salon, New Hampshire - March 22, 2017

s. “The final version of the American Healthcare Act must include language to prohibit direct subsidies or tax-preferential treatment for elective abortion services or coverage, whether in health care tax credits, subsidies or any other health care programs,” ...


Court blocks law that'd close Mississippi's only abortion clinic | FOX25
My Fox Boston, New Hampshire - March 19, 2017

A federal court on Friday permanently blocked Mississippi's law that threatened to close the state's only abortion clinic by setting a hospital-privileges requ


Myth of the “unbortion”: Anti-choice legislators push the lie that “abortion reversal” is possible
Salon, New Hampshire - February 23, 2017

at’s why the Indiana legislature is considering a bill that would require doctors to tell women seeking abortion that they can — in a lie that begs you to laugh aloud at its silliness — “reverse” an abortion. Two other states, North Carolina and Utah ...


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