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Study examines how far US women must travel to get an abortion
CBS News

Study examines how far US women must travel to get an abortion

CBS News - October 4, 2017

NEW YORK — How far do American women need to travel in order to obtain an abortion? A new study, billed as the first of its kind, makes those calculations ...


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Just After Las Vegas, Republicans Are Voting to Restrict ... Abortion
RollingStone.com, New Jersey - October 3, 2017

Instead, these "pro-life" lawmakers are voting to ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy nationwide. The vote on the so-called Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act of 2017 was scheduled by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy early last week, but the


Let's Talk About Roy Moore's Extremism on Abortion
New York Magazine, New Jersey - September 28, 2017

If Jones tries to do that, Moore's record will provide plenty of ammunition: Roy Moore has staked out the most hard-core position imaginable on abortion, and has maintained an uncomfortably close relationship with activists who justify violence against ...


Report finds nearly half of all abortions worldwide are unsafe
CBS News, New Jersey - September 27, 2017

"Even though it's difficult to measure and estimate something like where data is limited, trying to get a handle at least of figuring out what the burden of unsafe abortion might be is important to begin to address the problem," study author Dr. Bela Ganatra, ...


Democrats Don't Need a 'Litmus Test' on Abortion. But Respect for Women Should Be Mandatory.
New York Magazine, New Jersey - August 1, 2017

According to the most recent Pew survey of how Americans feel on the basic matter of whether abortion should be mostly legal or mostly illegal, self-identified Democrats are pro-choice by a 79/18 margin. Pew also finds that Democrats oppose overturning a constitutional ...


Out of Touch: Scarlett Johansson Misunderstands General Consensus on Abortion
NewsBusters (blog), New Jersey - May 31, 2017

Although Scarlett Johansson claims to advocate women’s rights, she appears to be out of touch with a significant group of women.This July’s issue of Cosmopolitan features an interview with Scarlett Johansson, entitled “Think Out Loud,” in which she discu


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