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With abortion, it's the wait that hurts.
Slate Magazine

With abortion, it's the wait that hurts.

Slate Magazine - October 30, 2017

Jane Doe protest People protest outside the Department of Health and Human Services in support of Jane Doe's abortion rights. Michael S.


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Man who killed abortion doctor told no parole until 2043
Fox News, New York - November 1, 2017

The state's Commission on Offender Review set a March 9, 2043, release date for Michael Griffin, who was convicted of shooting Dr. David Gunn three times in the back on March 10, 1993, as Gunn arrived to work at an abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida.


Sessions 'disturbed' by case of immigrant who got abortion | TheHill
The Hill, New York - October 28, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says that a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant who obtained an abortion this week after a bitter court battle should not have ...


Guest Essay: George Will oversimplifies abortion issue
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, New York - October 27, 2017

For a renowned intellectual, George Willâs recent column on abortion is intellectually dishonest to a shocking degree, and does a great disservice by masking a complex issue with false simplicity.First, the Supreme Courtâs opinion in Roe v. Wade was deeply thoughtful ...


Abortion stories: from backstreet to legalisation – video
The Guardian, New York - October 27, 2017

Women who had abortions either side of legalisation with the Abortion Act 1967 tell us their stories. From fears of dying in a stranger's kitchen to a safe medical procedure in the NHS, we hear how this change in the law has had a huge impact on women's healthcare ...


Undocumented 17-Year-Old Must Delay Abortion, Court Rules
New York Times, New York - October 22, 2017

An undocumented 17-year-old caught in a legal standoff with the federal government must further delay plans for an abortion after an appeals court ruled on Friday that the Department of Health and Human Services had 11 days to find a sponsor to take cust


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