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Metro Abortion Doctor Now Bound Over For Trial
news9.com KWTV

Metro Abortion Doctor Now Bound Over For Trial

news9.com KWTV - June 10, 2015

There is new information surrounding a metro abortion doctor accused of giving women abortion inducing drugs, even though they weren't pregnant.Tuesday ...


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THE PEOPLE SPEAK: Abortion bill waste of time, state's money
Muskogee Daily Phoenix, Oklahoma - March 25, 2017

Sir, the U.S. Constitution makes it clear federal law takes precedence over state law. That is why every time the Oklahoma Legislature passes an abortion law, attempting to thumb its nose at the national government, it immediately gets an injunction against it ...


Oklahoma House votes to ban abortion of abnormal fetuses
Tulsa World, Oklahoma - March 21, 2017

OKLAHOMA CITY â The Oklahoma House of Representatives voted Tuesday to ban abortions of fetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome or "viable genetic disorder" or the possibility of one. The measure, House Bill 1549, by Rep. George Faught ...


Clinic that offers abortion to open in Oklahoma City
NewsOK.com, Oklahoma - June 12, 2016

For eight years, Burkhart had worked for abortion provider Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kan.That day, in Tiller's living room, she was keenly aware of the risks of continuing to work at an abortion clinic â Tiller's slaying in May 2009 was not the first time ...


Controversial Anti-Abortion Bill Could Revoke A Doctor's License If Passed
news9.com KWTV, Oklahoma - April 24, 2016

A controversial bill could ban doctors from performing abortions even if the patient is a victim of rape. Under Senate Bill 1552, a doctor's medical license could be revoked if they performed an abortion on any woman whose life is not threatened by the preg


Petition making abortion illegal will not proceed, state Supreme Court rules
Tulsa World, Oklahoma - March 22, 2016

âThis is not an opinion where the state Supreme Court is telling us what it thinks about reproductive rights or abortion bans,â Henderson said. âThis is an opinion where the court is simply reaffirming the very basic principles of federalism and


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