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Oregon Just Passed a Groundbreaking Bill Ensuring Abortion Access For All Women
Willamette Week

Oregon Just Passed a Groundbreaking Bill Ensuring Abortion Access For All Women

Willamette Week - July 8, 2017

Insurers will also be required to cover contraception, sterilization, prenatal and postpartum care, abortion care, screenings for reproductive cancers ...


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Students protest anti-abortion display at Lane Community College
KVAL, Oregon - October 11, 2017

EUGENE, Ore. - Students at Lane Community College held a peaceful protest on campus Tuesday morning, following a graphic anti-abortion display that appeared on campus Monday. The display equated abortion to genocide, the Holocaust and lynchings, whic


LCC students voice disapproval over anti-abortion display on campus
KVAL, Oregon - October 10, 2017

EUGENE, Ore. - Hundreds of people in Lane County turned their attention to Lane Community College on Monday, where a number of anti-abortion messages were put on display.The display showed disturbing images of aborted fetuses, along with graphic pictu


Don't judge Buehler on just abortion; 'pro-abortion' doesn't exist: Letters to the editor
OregonLive.com, Oregon - August 27, 2017

Don't judge on abortion alone: As a moderate Democrat, I started to read Knute Buehler's opinion piece ("Distorted abortion attack reveals a need for change in politics," Aug. 20) with some skepticism. But it did not take me long to agree with him on


Knute Buehler: Distorted abortion attack reveals a need for change in politics (Guest opinion)
OregonLive.com, Oregon - August 20, 2017

Republican Rep. Knute Buehler, who is running for governor, defends his pro-choice stand, saying he believes in making abortion "rare," as well as safe and legal. "Remarkably," he writes, "that's no longer an acceptable position among the professional pro-


Abortion bill unfair to Christians
The Register-Guard, Oregon - July 8, 2017

âm in mourning about the abortion bill, House Bill 3391, passed by Oregonâs House and Senate. Christians shouldnât be forced to choose between health insurance and the murdering of children we call abortion. Yet this is exactly what this bill does.Can I, in ...


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