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Rules should save, not take lives
Washington Post

Rules should save, not take lives

Myrtle Beach Sun News - November 30, 2009

The topic of contention that divided the Democratic majority was the state-funded murder of the unborn, commonly known as abortion.


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Abortion is barbaric and immoral
Myrtle Beach Sun News, South Carolina - September 10, 2017

The religious rites of Baal worship were noted for their sexual and immoral indulgences and for child sacrifice. Our own culture, with its rampant sexual promiscuity, has produced more than 60 million abortions. The sexual practices of Baal worship and the promiscuity ...


Walking abortion gauntlet in Charlotte
Hilton Head Island Packet, South Carolina - September 6, 2012

It's one of the newer and more gruesome tactics in the fight over reproductive choice, protesters hoisting large color placards depicting aborted fetuses torn in chunks as a group of men preaches an unending sermon on the evils of abortion. As rhetorical tactics ...


Haven't we learned lesson on abortions?
Hilton Head Island Packet, South Carolina - December 26, 2011

How cynical and disingenuous can right-wing Congressional Republicans be to demand a proviso for approving the wage tax "compromise," which prohibits the District of Columbia using tax revenue to support abortion in indigent women?


Group seeks to intervene in NC abortion lawsuit
Myrtle Beach Sun News, South Carolina - November 9, 2011

AP GREENSBORO, NC -- Some doctors, crisis pregnancy centers and women who say they've had abortions want to help defend a new North Carolina law that would set more ultrasound requirements before an abortion. The potential defendants filed a motion


Issac Bailey | Abortion debate leaves questions
Myrtle Beach Sun News, South Carolina - June 19, 2011

Anti-abortion groups throughout the country have been targeting Planned Parenthood this year. Indiana and Kansas have also stripped state-level funding for Planned Parenthood and the House of Representatives passed a bill that would defund the group at


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