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Abortion-Rights Advocates are Really Worried About Texas' 'Sanctuary Cities' Ban
The Texas Observer

Abortion-Rights Advocates are Really Worried About Texas' 'Sanctuary Cities' Ban

The Texas Observer - April 27, 2017

Cárdenas Peña and other reproductive rights advocates gathered at the Texas Capitol Wednesday to oppose the stateâs âsanctuary citiesâ ban, legislation ...


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Texas lawmakers seek to ensure no state funds reach abortion providers
Texas Tribune, Texas - April 11, 2017

att Rinaldi, R-Irving, laid out his amendment to ban abortion providers from receiving any funds from the state budget, House members had already been in the chamber for more than 12 hours to debate amendments on the proposed two-year state budge


Texas Senate passes restrictions on abortion insurance
Texas Tribune, Texas - March 22, 2017

The Texas Senate on Wednesday gave initial approval to a measure that would require women to pay a separate premium if they want their health plan to cover an elective abortion.Under Senate Bill 20, health plans would still be allowed to cover abortions that are ...


Texas Senate passes two anti-abortion bills
Texas Tribune, Texas - March 20, 2017

Texas senators advanced two anti-abortion bills, one that would prevent parents from suing doctors if their baby is born with a birth defect and another that would require doctors to make sure a fetus is deceased before performing a certain type of abortion.  March ...


Flipping script on Texas abortion laws
El Paso Times, Texas - March 17, 2017

In a world where facts actually matter, Texas lawmakers would hold hearings featuring experts on womenâs reproductive health discussing how best to create policies that support womenâs access to high-quality, evidence-based abortion care.Unfortunately, to


Senate gives approval to two abortion-related bills
Texas Tribune, Texas - March 15, 2017

The upper chamber gave final passage to a bill that would ban what opponents call "partial-birth" abortions and put restrictions on donating fetal tissue, and initial approval to one that would ban doctors from performing dilation and evacuation abortions


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