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How Texas' Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Win Even While Losing in Court
The Texas Observer

How Texas' Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Win Even While Losing in Court

The Texas Observer - June 20, 2017

“Why don't we just stop passing unconstitutional laws?” asked an exasperated Representative Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie. He spoke in May as ...


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Abortion regulations in limbo as lawmakers disagree on property taxes, bathrooms
KXAN.com, Texas - May 29, 2017

AUSTIN (KXAN) â The board that regulates abortion providers might dissolve if lawmakers can't agree as the Texas Legislature gavels out of Austin on Monday. The Texas Medical Board must be reauthorized by statute and it is now being held hostage at the ...


Abortion-related amendment removed, pet-cruelty bill passes
Austin American-Statesman, Texas - May 29, 2017

Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington, opposed the harsher penalties, saying animal abusers should not face a harsher punishment than abortion doctors who violate a pending state law against “partial-birth” or a “dismemberment” abortions.After the Tinderh


Texas House abortion amendment guts animal cruelty bill
Austin American-Statesman, Texas - May 23, 2017

Voting to add an abortion-related amendment Tuesday, the Texas House pulled the teeth from a bill intended to enhance criminal penalties for torturing and killing pets.Senate Bill 762 sought to raise the penalty to a third-degree


Texas House moves to require more abortion reporting data
Texas Tribune, Texas - May 11, 2017

Health facilities that perform abortions may soon have to release more detailed data on complications that arise during and after the procedure â another move by GOP lawmakers to crack down on abortions in Texas. House lawmakers voted 94-52 to require ...


Anti-Abortion Lawmakers (Almost All Men) Are Worried Time is Running Out on Their Bills
The Texas Observer, Texas - May 2, 2017

Anti-abortion lawmakers flank Texas Right to Life legislative director John Seago at a press conference.  Sophie NovackWith less than a month left in the legislative session, anti-abortion lawmakers are worried their priority bills will not pass in time. And they ...


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