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Henrico judge's ruling allows case over state abortion regulations to proceed

Henrico judge's ruling allows case over state abortion regulations to proceed

Richmond.com - August 23, 2017

Critics have taken aim at the rollback under the Democratic governor of abortion clinic rules that had been adopted under his Republican predecessor, Gov. ...


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'Pro-Choice' Planned Parenthood Condemns Choice of 'Abortion Reversal' Procedure
CNSNews.com, Virginia - August 21, 2017

Although Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) claims that they stand for “a woman’s right to chose,” the organization tweeted last week condemning women’s choice to have an “Abortion Reversal.”PPFA was referring to a procedure discovered ...


Advocacy Groups Condemn Iceland's Drive to End Down Syndrome by Abortion
CNSNews.com, Virginia - August 16, 2017

(CNSNews.com) -- As a CBS News report examining Iceland’s pathway to eradicating Down syndrome via abortion circulates, multiple advocacy groups and leaders have spoken out, condemning the actions taken to end so many innocent lives, with some de


Upcoming 'Abortion Simulator' Is Likely to Be the Most Controversial iOS "Game" Yet
Touch Arcade, Virginia - August 14, 2017

Per the developer, "Abortion Simulator will put you right in the middle of the surgery room and let you perform various abortions." Featuring abortions ranging from "a few weeks" to "24+ week complex cases," the reprehensible Abortion Simulator seems on track to ...


Anti-abortion group sues Hawaii over new care center law
The Daily Progress, Virginia - July 14, 2017

HONOLULU (AP) â A national anti-abortion religious organization is suing to block a new Hawaii state law that requires family planning and pregnancy care centers to inform women of all their options â including contraception and abortion. The


Trump Administration Rejects UN Human Rights Council's 'Safe Abortion' Text
CNSNews.com, Virginia - June 23, 2017

(CNSNews.com) â What a difference a year makes. Last summer, the Obama administration not only supported a text at the U.N. Human Rights Council that included a call for access to âsafe abortion where such services are permitted by national lawâ but ...


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