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Missouri attorney general could gain power over abortion law

Missouri attorney general could gain power over abortion law

Journal Times - June 24, 2017

Currently, a St. Louis Planned Parenthood clinic is the only licensed abortion facility in the state, and the city prosecutor is former Democratic state ...


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Vernal P. Hegenbart: Arguments miss the point on abortion
La Crosse Tribune, Wisconsin - June 4, 2017

Monica Hofmann (May 20 Tribune) criticizes Vince Hatt for his contention that when there is doubt about a moral action you must come down on the side of caution and not proceed if there is a possibility of injury, as in the case of elective abortion.


Nancy Larson: Obtaining an abortion appallingly easy
Madison.com, Wisconsin - February 4, 2017

Dear Editor: When I read the article about the abortion resolution in the Cap Times, I was appalled at how easy it is to have an abortion these days. It was claimed that one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime. It also said, "Abortions are common ...


Early Christians didn't mention abortion -- Jim Miller
Madison.com, Wisconsin - August 27, 2016

An Aug. 21 letter to the editor suggested that Jesus might be pro-life even though, as the letter states, "abortion is not spoken about in the Gospels."Abortion is not mentioned anywhere in the New Testament, though it was widely discussed (and practiced) throughout ...


Jean Salzwedel: Abortion providers should have hospital admitting privileges
Madison.com, Wisconsin - August 27, 2016

Dear Editor: I personally disapprove of abortion, but feel it should be ultimately a decision between a woman and her doctor; and as a nurse I would give (and have given) the same care to someone who has an elective abortion as to someone who lost a preg


Jesse Kremer to propose requiring doctors to notify patients of 'abortion reversal'
Madison.com, Wisconsin - July 1, 2016

Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum, said this week he plans to introduce a bill next legislative session that will require doctors to tell patients who request an abortion pill that getting injections of progesterone could reverse the effects of the pill and direct them ...


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